Monday, September 10, 2012

Tecmo Browns - Week 1 Recap

TSB 2013 Predicted: T.Richardson; 14 carries for 40 yards.
What Happened:      T.Richardson; 19 carries for 39 yards.
I'd say that's pretty damn close.

TSB 2013 Predicted: B. Weeden; 25% Accuracy, 70 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT
What Happened:      B. Weeden; 34% Accuracy, 118 yds, 0 TD, 4 INT
TSB came within the margin of error for accuracy and yardage, but failed to predict how being trapped under the American Flag would cause Brandon to throw those extra 2 picks.

TSB 2013 Predicted: The Eagles D-Line negating Richardson and making drop-back passing near impossible.
What Actually Happened: The Eagles D-Line (save one, glorious, head-crushing run) negated Richardson and forced Weeden into too many bad throws.
TSB was actually kind to the Brownies, here, predicting marginal offensive success in the first half which never materialized.

TSB 2013 Predicted: The Browns defense being overpowered by Vick and his multiple offensive weapons.
What Actually Happened: The Browns defense (despite being on the field almost 75% of the game) held together pretty well.
TSB failed to factor in how poorly Vick throws under pressure. Also, because there are no penalties in the game, TSB had no way of anticipating the Eagles killing multiple drives and giving away 110 yards with penalties.

TSB 2013 Final Score: Eagles 31 - Browns 7
Actual Final Score:   Eagles 17 - Browns 16
Although off in predicting a final score, the actual game played out much as TSB predicted. Given their Time of Possession and total yardage, the Eagles should have put up 31. Offensive penalties and turnovers kept their score low.


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