Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spacehog finds new success as a Spacehog cover band

Spacehog is gaining acclaim as
the best Spacehog-esqe band
since Spacehog.

Keith is Good! Muisc News
2o August 2009
Des Moines IA

Glam-rockers Spacehog, hailed as one-hit-wonders for their 1996 single "In the Meantime," have recaptured some of their 90's success touring as a Spacehog cover band. Royston Langdon, lauded for his on-stage performances as Royston Langdon, Spacehog's bassist and lead vocalist, explained the situation after Spacehog's recent show at the Des Moines Fairground.

"After [Spacehog's 2001 Album] 'The Hogyssey' flopped, we figured it was done, you know?" Royston's north-central British accent warbled as he took a sip of green tea. "We went our separate ways. When [Langdon's erstwhile wife] Liv [Tyler] moved out to LA, I started gigging in coffee shops just for something to do. On a lark one night, I started playing 'In the Meantime.' Everyone went nuts. A guy in the crowd requested 'Space is the Place,' so I spent the whole night doing Spacehog covers."

Acclaim for this pitch-perfect Spacehog cover act spread like wildfire. Soon Royston recruited Johnny Cragg to play Spacehog's drummer Johnny Cragg, Richard Steel to take up the guitar of Richard Steel, and finally convinced his brother Antony Langdon to play the part of Royston's brother and guitarist Antony Langdon. They played their first show January 13th in Berkely CA, opening for Weezer cover band, "Rivers Cuomo's Surgically Enhanced Left Leg." Longtime Hogger and Spacehog aficionado Brian Jones was at the show.

"It was absolutley amazing," Brian beamed, chest puffing under his 1996 Spacehog Resident Alien World Tour T-Shirt. "Mind you, they weren't quite as good as the real Spacehog, and they looked a bit too old, but still...Spacehog is the best Spacehog cover band I've ever seen."

Jones' sentiment has echoed across the country from countless fairgrounds, Bar Mitzvahs, frat house basements and public libraries. After their engagement in Des Moines, Spacehog takes their cover act to Independence MI, Tulsa OK and beyond. Now flush with bookings in low-rent theatres and community spaces around the country, what does Spacehog aim to achieve?

"Well," Royston confides with a grin, "We hear Spacehog is planning a renuion tour... it would be bloody brilliant if Spacehog could open for them."

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