Friday, May 23, 2008

New Music Review

By Billy Jennings (age 8 1/2)

I heard some weird music so I walked into my brother Greg's room. He was swatting flies in his face except there wasn't any flies, and he coughed and said, Jesus Billy, don't you ever f-ing knock? except he didn't say f-ing, he said the naughty word, but I get my mouth washed with soap when I say the naughty word so I'll say f-ing.

It smelled funny so I asked, are you burning one of mom's special candles? and Greg laughed at me, so I asked, what's so funny? and he said nothing but he kept smiling so something was funny.

Anyway there was a strange lady singing about walking up a stairway and I asked Greg who was singing and he said her name was Zeppelin (what a funny name for a girl!) and I asked is this new and he said yeah, sure. My cartoons were over so I figured I'd listen to this lady Zeppelin a little while.
She kept singing on and on about her stairway and walking right on up to Heaven, which would probably take awhile, which is maybe why the song kept on for so long. I tried to listen to the words she was singing but they didn't make much sense, so I said, Greg, this song doesn't make much sense and he just laughed and said, Billy it makes perfect sense. Then the song got real loud and Greg turned up the radio and my ears hurt, and anyway my hand was starting to look funny and the smell was stinging my brain so I left.
Anyway, it was an okay song.

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