Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Music Review 5/27/08

by Billy Jennings (age 8 1/2)

We were in Pizza Hut the other day and Greg was drinking right from the pitcher of Dr. Pepper and I said, boy, you sure do drink alot and Mom said, he gets it from his father, which I don't understand because Dad doesn't even like Dr. Pepper.

Anyway there was a girl on the radio singing about how she got shaken all night long, which doesn't sound fun to me. I think being shaken so long would make my head hurt, but Greg started nodding his head like he was saying yes yes yes to everything and I asked who was this song but Greg kept on nodding yes yes yes so I asked Mom who was this song. She said its by a band called A.C.D.C, honey. What a silly name for a band (just a bunch of letters!), so I asked what does A.C.D.C mean? and Greg started laughing.

He said It means you go both ways and my mom slapped his chest and said Gregory Allen Jennings the way she does when he says a swear at his XBox. But that didn't make much sense so I asked, like walking both left and right? and Greg snorted some Dr. Pepper out his nose and said yeah.

Anyway, the song was okay. I danced a little in my chair but the words didn't make any sense so I said why would that girl want to be shaken around, that doesn't make much sense, and Mom said, you'll figure it out later. But that was yesterday already and I still haven't figured it out.

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