Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Billy Beane Buys a Sandwich

Below is a lovely snippet of my latest work over at, a David Ives-ian look at baseball's fascination with Moneyball:

Billy Beane Buys a Sandwich

A Play in One Act by Keith Good

(Lights up; the scene is frozen. A Baker stands in an apron and toq behind a “Sandwich” counter in the O-Co Coliseum. Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane is standing before the counter. Very serious. OPS Machine Scott Hatteberg and Pete the stats geek browse the soft pretzels. Pete is looking at Billy Beane. They stand in tableaux, a moment of stillness.)
PETE. Is that…Billy Beane?
HATTEBERG. I think so. (Hatteberg turns and looks)
BAKER. Can I help you sir?
BEANE. I need a loaf of bread, please.
BAKER. We usually sell sandwiches, Mr. Beane, but if you want…
PETE. It’s time now.
HATTEBERG. I should go. (But they don’t move. Billy turns and looks at Hatteberg. They look in silence at one another, frozen.)
BAKER. Do you know that man? (A bell rings. The lights change.)
BEANE. (Dreamily) He gets on base a lot. Do I care if it’s a walk or a hit? If ever they make a movie about how I assemble personnel—
BAKER. They did make a movie—
BEANE. Hatteberg would be emblematic of my frugal, analytic-driven baseball.

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