Monday, October 14, 2013

Additions to the Baseball Lexicon

Boston's victory in last Night's ALCS Game 2 exceeded the limits of English's descriptive capacities. Detroit's late-inning defensive implosion following Nate Scherzer's strong start requires the following words be added to the English lexicon:

Anaptonym - (n.) A name which seems horribly unfit to its owner. Antonym to "aptonym."
      example: Prince Fielder's name is an anaptonym; he's neither a prince nor a fielder.

Scherzerfreude - (n.) the sense of happiness engendered by the misfortune (see: "schadenfreude") of Detroit piddling away one of Nate Scherzer's starts with a late-inning collapse.
      example: When David Ortiz hit his grand slam in the 8th inning of ALCS Game 2, a euphoric wave of warmth beshook me, wracking me with a Scherzerfruede which nearly caused me to wet my pants in delight.

To read more about Anaptonyms and Scherzerfreude, surf on over to:

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