Thursday, February 7, 2013

After 5 months of work and increasingly high hurdles to jump, Magic Kids--my hack of Virgin Games' M.C. Kids for the NES--is finally complete. I've previously covered the game, saying what a shame the McD's shill was; constant arches and clowns detracted from a fun, complex NES platformer.

A big thanks to everyone at the message boards. Specific kudos to romhacking user Alchemic for cracking the game's text compression and writing python scripts for text decompression and reinsertion. Also a huge thanks to romhacker Proveaux, who held a digital peace summit and hammered out a three way accord between the M.C. Kids rom file, the newly written text and Alchemic's inserter script.

A complete log of changes would 1) make for an over-long entry here; and 2) take away some of the surprise playing through the game. The image at left seems a fitting emblem of how the game has changed. Instead of the Clown, the game's plot is set into motion by (the familiar-looking) Walter the Wizard.

The Magic Kids .ips patch (and super sweet box art) can be downloaded at the link below. The patch should be applied to a clean version of "MC Kids (U).nes."



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