Friday, January 18, 2013

The 2013 NFL (Uniform) Playoffs - Championship Round


What is this, 2004? Indy and New England? Indy arrived here by being cleaner than Baltimore's dirty-bird attire and less annoying than Denver's kitNew England just barely escaped the black hole of awful which ate Cincinnati and Texas. This match up is traditional minimalism vs. sleek modernism. I love the simplicity of the Colts' uniforms, but leave with the feeling it needs that dash of je ne sais quoi. A splash of accent color, perhaps? In the end, Indy is just too plain for this match up. The Patriots flat-out look better.


Seattle's tasteful take on Native Americans Trounced Washington's less-tasteful take in the Wild Card round and their unified, cohesive design sent the Falcons flying. San Fran, being mostly the same as its Divisional opponent Green Bay, won by virtue of better color.

At the beginning of the year, I would have taken every image of Seattle's uniform set and burned it with fire. The acid green flares and grey accents have grown on me, though. The repetition of that Seahawk-tooth motif--on the leg-stripe, the back of the helmet, around the collar--really ties the room together, to paraphrase a famous west-coaster. San Francisco looks so damn nice, though. The red and gold says, "The Catch," and "Comeback Joe." It says Steve Young and Jerry Rice and more Super Bowls than I can count on a hand. A Simplistic design done well with a great color palette... San Francisco reigns supreme.

So... San Fran and New England. Probably not going to be a huge surprise on this one, but you'll have to wait two weeks to find out for certain who's wearing Championship Uniforms.

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