Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baseball Simulator 2012

It's my humble opinion the best Football Video game going right now is Tecmo Bowl. Yep--Tecmo Bowl. A team of dedicated hackers/code jockeys over at TecmoBowl.org yearly update the NES classic to suit the most current NFL year.

Inspired by their greatness, I've undertaken a sister project,  updating the NES's greatest baseball game, Baseball Simulator 1.000.*

Baseball Simulator 2012 includes 12 MLB Teams (BOS, DET, CLE, TEX, LAA, NYY, ATL, SFG, WAS, LAD, CIN, CHC) and 6 Classic MLB squads ('27 Yankees, '75 Reds, '95 Indians, '32 Crawfords [seriously--look them up], '70 Orioles and '86 Mets), with accurate player stats and jersey colors. Below are a catalog of screenshots:

The game's team select screen showed bland logos for the unlicensed teams:

With a little #PixelMagic, they become:

Nice sprite work, no?
In game graphics also received an overhaul, mostly scoreboard graphics changed to suit my tastes.


Can't have a baseball game without a few Major League references, no? (Aside from Wild Thing and Jobu, Baseball Simulator 2012 includes one other Major League-inspired easter egg) And of course, one can't update a game without putting some polish on the title screen.

BBSIM1000 Title


BBSIM2012 Title

There are still a few bugs, one dealing with what positions the players play in the field, (EDIT 7/3/12: the bug placing fielders in the incorrect positions is fixed! The link below will download the most up to date version of the patch!) a few graphics which still need tweaking, and the season simulator remains constipated-snail-slow, but the ips patch for your (legal) Baseball Simulator 1.000 ROM can be downloaded here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9q2czsanoz1y3a/Baseball%20Simlulator%202012.ips

Anyone needing directions on how ROM patching works or how to properly emulate this game (legally) on your computer, head over to romhacking.net.

Also, like our friend Roger Clemens, I maintain I'm innocent (until proven guilty) of juicing... the Indians stats.


Don't even talk to me about Baseball Stars or RBI Baseball. In terms of graphics, gameplay and overall feel, Baseball Simulator 1.000 beats the competition to a pulp. It's the most Tecmo Bowl styled Baseball game for the NES.

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