Monday, September 26, 2011

More Tabs!

Since I liked the first Tab post I did (see below), here's round two--a song I wrote as an undergrad called Cherche La Femme. Is it a bit syrupy? Sure. Are the lyrics hyperbolic and cliche? You Betcha! Can't stop me from liking this song, though.

Verse 1 (Fingerstyle):
E            C#m7            A        Bm   A     Bm A E             C#m7 Bm A Bm A
Sleep the weekend away for lack of anything better to do
E               C#m7      A         Bm     A    Bm         A  E     C#m7 Bm A Bm A
The cloudy weekend dreams dance with thoughts of you
E              C#m7              A       Bm        A      Bm     A   E           C#m7 A    Bm A Bm A
When you can’t sleep the world becomes your dream  the edges to life     blur and sway
E         C#m7        A     Bm A Bm A                   E            C#m7   A  B  
Put my head to my pillow                               and hope they all       go away

Bm7           E            C#m7                  A
Cherche la Femme - always slipps right through my fingers
Bm7                   E         C#m7                   A
Who what where when - rejection fades but pain still lingers
Bm7     E              C#m7    A
Why oh why cant I get her out of my dreams
Bm7          E                  A        D   A
Oh well I’ll live with it it seems

Verse 2 (Strummed):
Drink the weekend away Lonely chaser to a love not there
Light bends through a citron sky Flashing your face everywhere
This is the story of a love ending Three ounces at a time
Just give me two more bottles,  And I swear I’ll be just fine.



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