Friday, July 24, 2009

Breaking! Brett Favre Makes Decision!

Goes with Over-Easy.

a Keith is Good! Breaking Sports Brief

24 July 2009
Hattiesburg, MS

waitress Kara Williams finds
relief in Favre's Choice

After much indecision and speculation, quasi-retired NFL Quarterback Brett Favre has just now announced he's decided to have eggs over-easy with his Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast. The announcement came at 4:28 PM after seven hours and forty-six minutes of deliberation.

Kara Williams, Favre's server, sighed with relief.

"I asked if he wanted his eggs scrambled or over-easy with his Grand Slam, and [Mr. Favre] just sat there staring at the menu." Williams, a veteran server on the Denny's team, explained her frustration. "At first it was interesting - will he or wont he [scramble]? - but by Noon, we were all pretty tired of his antics. Our team just needed to know moving forward, you know? Our two line cooks were just in limbo back there waiting."

Reports say Favre seemed hesitant but pleased, explaining he wanted to be 100% sure he was ready for the accompanying toast should he choose over-easy eggs.

"I'm not a young man anymore," Favre said through a mouthful of pancakes, "I needed to be sure I was ready for the rigors of a full Grand Slam Breakfast." When asked how this affects his NFL plans, Favre looked away and pretended not to hear.

With this decision made, the Denny's team can now rest easy and prepare for the dinner rush. Ms. Williams summed it aptly when she told ESPN:

"He better leave a huge f***ing tip."

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