Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Myself, in a Single Page

It's the ultimate exercise a human can undertake (next to soccer): trying to fit all pertinent, marketable information about oneself onto a single page. 

I think a common mistake is thinking pertinent information must take the form of text. People squeeze the margins small enough to make a Lilliputian feel claustrophobic and then splash their entire life's history in black monoliths across the page. Exhaustive? Yes. Exhausting? Also yes.

Information can be textual and contextual. Typefaces (here Cubano and Georgia) can give pertinent information. Cubano has a fun roundness which is counterbalanced by "Serious Writer" Georgia. Spacing and layout most definitely give pertinent information. And although color can be risky, ecru and green (a specific shade I call, "keithisgreen") mirror the websites I list in the contact section to create a cohesive (although I shudder to say it) brand. 

Especially when applying for creative jobs, a stock MS Word template chock-a-block full of 10pt word vomit constitutes a sin above all others. Would this exercise in resumosity (it's a word now) work for Banking or Construction? Probably not. 

Phone info blurred because, "You want digits? Eff you, digits are for closers."And I was very close to listing "Big Lebowski Quotations" and "NES Ephemera" in the Skills word cloud.

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