Monday, March 3, 2014

Moses, meet Wahoo. I don't want no trouble out of you two.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently published an incendiary op-ed begging the Cleveland Indians to retire Cheif Wahoo for good. Personal opinions notwithstanding, the piece got me thinking: who or what would replace Chief Wahoo should he get 86'ed? I've tackled this issue previously and came to the conlusion Moses Cleaveland, founder of his (extra a aside) eponymous city, should take the reins from the divisive chief. My first attempt ended in whelming results, looking more Bob Hope than famous General.

So, take two on the Fightin' Moses logo for Cleveland Baseball! For comparison's sake, here's a pic of the rather serious-looking Moses Cleaveland:
We call this dour expression the "Cleveland Sports fans come playoff time" face.
And of course most are familiar with Cleveland's smiling caricature of a mascot:
So combining the two, we get something like the following. Enjoy.

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