Saturday, November 16, 2013

Proposed Mega Man Robot Masters

Not that Capcom is asking, but hey, if you're looking for Robot Masters for Mega Man 11...

Job: Barista
Attack: Coffee Man shoots espresso sludge. If hit, player loses virtually all control of Mega Man. Controls become over-responsive and way too fast. Following a 5 second burst of this, Mega Man suddenly slows to a snails pace for 5 seconds before returning to normal.
Weapon: Once Defeated, the Coffee Cannon causes over-caffeinated enemies to go berserk and explode.

Job: Pharmacist
Attack: Rx Man dispenses medicine bombs which explode in clouds of toxic chemicals. Getting the jab from his needle causes major damage.
Weapon: Once Defeated, the Pill Popper shoots extremely powerful chemical bombs.

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