Friday, January 13, 2012

Arts College Pioneers Internship Program

13 Dec 2012
Evansville, IN

In an attempt to aid new graduates in an increasingly difficult job market, the Liberal Arts College of Southern Indiana (LACSI) instituted a college-wide internship program. Mandatory internship as part of core curriculum has long been in place at Business and Professional schools, providing tangible work experience in the students' area of expertise.

"We want our artists, poets and interpretative dancers to be prepared for their inevitable roles in the greater workforce," said Mary Kenning, Dean of Students at LACSI.

Erin McCord, a senior studying Polynesian Art History, is excited about her new internship. "You list your choices," she says, putting on her new green smock, "and the Internship Director matches you to an appropriate company. I got my first choice--Starbucks!"

Companies preparing LACSI students for their employment futures include Starbucks, Chili's, Applebee's, 7-11, Jiffy Lube, and local gentlemen's club "Foxx Tailz" (for LACSI dance students).

Her half-caf caramel macchido served to a hurried businessman, McCord gives a toothy grin and a shrug. "I'm just glad to know what work is available once I graduate with a Degree in Liberal Arts."

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