Monday, October 10, 2011

Nothing I could say about the Nintendo Entertainment System's difficulty can even compare to this creepy Australian commercial  ———>

The Max Headroom cosplayer isn't pulling your chain when he declares his near-invulnerability. Nintendo was crazy hard. It was the Nintendo Entertainment System which birthed such joys as whipping your remote across the room and complaining that Tecmo Bowl is cheating (although, in Tecmo Bowl's defense, it was your own damn fault for not choosing LT or Bo Jackson).

With the Nintendo's innate difficulty in mind, I hereby declare my quest to become...(drum roll, please)...


The task is devilish in its simplicity: Beat, in order, the ten hardest games ever produced for the NES without cheats of any kind. Load the cart, press start and play.

Before we get into the fun, I should say a bit about my method in creating the ultimate NES Hard list.

Basically, I Googled it.

Each time a game was mentioned via website, blog or message board, that game earned a point. Games labeled as glitchy or unplayable due to bad programming were deducted a point. Additionally, I posted to a few gaming message boards, soliciting votes for hardest NES game. After scouring the internet, I tallied the points and ranked each game according to votes received (no electoral college here). This left me with a clear ranking of the Ten Hardest NES Games of All Time...
...which I'll reveal post-by-post, starting Wednesday.

Let the games begin! Heeya!

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