Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Bad Author Photos

1. Fern Michaels

Holy S**t! It's a zombie! Kill it! Kill it! Cut off its head before she eats the dog!

2. Richard Marcinko

a. I surrender.
b. I just peed.
c. I mentioned the surrender thing, right?

3. Marisha Pessl

You can imagine my surprise and disappointment to find her "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" lacked a centerfold.

4. Danielle Steel

Doubles as a useful PSA for the dangers of multiple face-lifts.

And no list would be complete without the Keith is Good! Bad Author Photo Emeritus:

5. Truman Capote

6. Truman Capote


7. Truman Capote

Every time I close my copy of "In Cold Blood," I'm afraid he'll burn himself with that cigarette.

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