Thursday, March 19, 2009


i hate punctuation how brash am i as a writer to say when or where the reader should stop or where to add or remove inflection i mean even if i add some silly mark who is to say that the given reader will heed my suggestions of cadence after all thats really all they are suggestions the reader will inflect how he or she pleases if i make any sort of mark or not and besides the best possible pace for the reader to read is at his or her own pace all these symbols and signs and runes are much much much too confusing anyway which means what how long of a pause each represents what kind of jump in time happens i mean its all well and good if you really dig syntax but id like to think that im not anal like that and am confident in the intelligence of my reader i trust that when someone picks up a paper with words on it by my design they have an inner rhythm enough to understand that there would be certain breaks in action also wouldnt things just be that much simpler if we could just get rid of punctuation first of all think of all the ink squandered annually on insignificant twirls whorls and dots of punctuation id say that the average essay as a percentage of ink used is around twenty percent punctuation if we could cut punctuation our pens could last one fifth longer and just think of the money we could save on that one and while were talking money and economy just think of the space we could save if we threw punctuation out the proverbial window indentations white space centered lines it would all go and you figure that in your average run of the mill five page paper at least half a page is wasted in punctual formalities if we abolished the abomination that is punctuation just imagine the paper we could save i mean just look at this essay under the normal laws of punctuation it would be at least five lines longer with indentations and what not also if i didnt have to spend time fussing with punctuation and the formalities that it imposes i could write my prose or poetry with about twenty percent more efficiency if we are to use the numbers cited above in our example of ink economy now i know that if i really wanted to save space and time i would not only abolish punctuation but word spacing as well but it does not work like that at all for example ithinkthatpunctuationisawasteofallofourtimesandithinkthatthisabominationshouldgo
thewayofthedodoandtheyetiandshouldsitinapileofitsownwasteuntiltherapture thats hard to understand its not because the reader is dumb no no not in the least its simply that when all spaces are eliminated it reduces the basic unit of communication to the single letter a b c d and so on and when you reduce it to that the words are deemphasized and become next to meaningless you see the basic unit of language is not the letter but the morpheme which is best conveyed through words the word must be preserved to preserve the language so youll find the happy medium between economy of space and understandability is maintained here in this essay so that its is both readable and frugal all i have to say is that punctuation compromises the intelligence of the reader hurts the reader writer relationship is uneconomical space and resource wise and that it is the most available for expulsion from the language it is silly annoying confusing and just downright wrong and i officially boycott it who is with me
The End.

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