Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Movie Review 12/23/08

by Billy Jennings (Age 8 1/2)

Greg and me came back in from the playground and dad was sitting in front of the TV drinking his jackie-coffee. Greg asked what you watching, dad? but he just kept watching so Greg asked again, hey dad what are you watching? and he finally said Train Spotting. Greg asked if he could watch and dad said is your mom around and Greg said no, because she went out to buy the groceries. So dad just sort of grunted and Greg and me sat down in front of the TV.

I was wondering if maybe this Train Spotting was like the Thomas the Tank Engine I used to watch, but I didn't say nothing because Thomas the Tank Engine is for stupid babies and I'm grown up now that I'm 8 1/2. Anyway we started watching it and boy let me tell you it wasn't nothing like Thomas! There weren't even any trains! Train Spotting Seems like a dumb name for a movie that doesn't have any trains in it. All I could see was a bunch of real skinny people with funny voices talking about blowing up balloons I think.

Since Greg seemed to like the movie, I was gonna go and play on his XBox some, but then the silliest thing ever came on the TV. All these skinny people were laying around when a baby started crawling on the ceiling! I said hows that baby sticking to the ceiling like that without falling, but Greg just punched my shoulder and told me not to be dumb. But I wasn't being dumb! If there was some way to crawl on the roof I wanted to know, so I said again how it is that baby is crawling upside down, and Greg just said that they were bombed out of their gourds.

I'm not sure who they was or what that means, but if I can crawl up the walls by blowing up a gourd, then I think that would be fun. Anyway the movie wasn't any good, but since Greg was busy watching it with dad I got to play his Xbox for one whole hour! So that was good.

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