Monday, December 22, 2008

New Movie Review 12/22/08

By Billy Jennings (age 8 1/2)

Mom and dad said Greg was in charge while they went to dinner but he's a poop head and isn't the boss of me. He said to not bug him but since he isn't the boss of me I went to his door to see what he was up to. I was in the hallway near his door and I heard a girl saying yes yes yes oh yes yes yes. Something was making her real happy I guess. It must be something real good to make someone so happy, so I pounded on Greg's door and asked him what the heck was making that girl so happy? He just yelled at me to get the eff away, except he didn't say eff, and he was watching a movie. I asked what movie was he watching and he said it was dad's movie and I wouldn't like it.

Now how would Greg know what kind of movie I like, when he can't even remember about Jigglypuff being my most favorite Pokemon ever so I said you don't know what kind of movies I like, so let me in or I'll tell mom and dad when they get back from dinner.

Well that did the trick. Greg opened his door just a bit and told me to get the eff in and not to say one gee darn thing, except he didn't say gee darn, he said the bad version.

Let me tell you, when I got in there, that was some movie Greg had on. Greg said it was about some girl named Debby going to college. I asked Greg what was she doing, wrestling around without clothes on like that, but he just said to shut up and watch. Anyway I guess that girl must have been a big fan of WWE, cause wrestling around with no clothes made her really happy. She just kept on saying oh yes oh yes like wrestling was the best thing ever. I don't get it. Greg used to wrestle with me and all I ever got was a broken arm that time he threw me over his head.

Finally I guess Debby had enough wrestling because then she started talking to some other college boy, although he looked a little old to be in school still, and she told him that she was running for class president and how she really needed his vote to win. And he said, oh yeah? and she said yeah. and then he said, well there's only one way to get my vote.

And guess what?!

They started wrestling again!

I was waiting for someone to get superplexed or put in the Boston Crab or something but they just kept jumping around on the ground so I told Greg that his movie was boring. He said then get the heck out, except he didn't say heck, and he pointed to the door. His face was real red like he had been running around or something but he was just sitting on the bed watching that girl wrestle so maybe he was sick or something. Anyway I left and Greg said since I'd seen dad's movie too that I couldn't tell mom and dad or I'd get in just as much trouble. I'm not sure why some dumb old wrestling tape would get us in trouble but I said sure and went and watched Pokemon until mom and dad came home from dinner.

I guess dumb old Greg was right for once because I sure didn't like that movie he was watching. If that is what college is like then I think I won't go. I don't want to have to wrestle around without no clothes!

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