Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Amazing Off-the-Rack Book Outfits for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons somehow has millions of Nintendo Switch players clamoring for daily chores. Weed the flowerbed? Yes! Tidy the house? How fun! Make small talk? “Hi, Raymond! How’s the weather?” Maybe it’s the game’s soothing soundscapes. Maybe it’s the sugar-sweet graphics. Whatever its alchemy, New Horizons actually has us champing at the bit to—shudder—try on clothes.

Whether for bug catching, running a King Tut Race, or destroying your competitors’ will to live in the fishing tourney, every Islander needs the perfect outfit (or five). Even if you have zero customization skill, no worries; we’ve collected the perfect book-themed outfits for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons islander.

Daring Detectives

Sherlock Holmes

This one is, dare I say, elementary. Match the Detective Hat and Detective Coat with brown Tweed Pants and watch Victorian widows flock to your cabin with tales of woe. Bonus points if you carry a violin!

Lisbeth Salander

Who wouldn’t want to be The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Try a Biker Jacket, Pleather Pants and Visual Punk Boots. Top it off with a ‘Mowhawk Wig’ and you’ll have those Scandinavian baddies quaking in their parkas.

Sam Spade

If Dashiell Hammett’s hardboiled noir is more your speed, throw on a Fedora, Trenchcoat, and Slacks in tan and black. Then bust into Redd’s Trawler and smash all those fake statues.

Miss Marple

Someone been stealing your prize tulips? A Gown Coat or Quilted Down Jacket is perfect for solving your island’s cozy crimes. Pair it with a Long Plaid Skirt and Ribboned Garden Hat to complete Marple’s signature look.

Literary Legends

Holden Caulfield

If you want everyone to know that they’re phony, don a camel-colored Checkered Muffler with Denim Pants and a Knit Cap with Earflaps. Lurk on your island’s cliffs and catch any one that tries to run past.

Scout and Atticus Finch

It’s not hard to dress as Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird alter-ego: just put on a pair of blue Overalls and take off your shoes! For Atticus, wear a gray Waistcoat, matching Slacks and brown Business Shoes.

Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan

Put K.K. Jazz on the Phonograph and step into F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Roaring Twenties with a Flapper Dress, Bowler Hat with Ribbon, and Strappy Heels. For Jay, a Straw Boater and Suspender Outfit in matching colors should do the trick. Just keep away from any optometrist billboards and blinking green lights.

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy

Going to a Pemberly ball? Stay in everyone’s good opinion with Lizzie Bennett’s Elegant Dress and Gothic Headdress or Headband. For Mr. Darcy, try a Tailcoat, Antique Boots, Noble Pants and a Top Hat. Extra points if you keep your anger reactions and a set of wedding clothes ready.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A green Caterpillar Costume and a red Imp Hood will show your love for Eric Carle’s eating machine. Be sure to carry enough fruit for every day of the week!

Swords, Sorcerers and Fairies Galore

Harry Potter

New Horizon’s game designers must be Potterheads. Tops like the Thick-Stripes Shirt and Graduation Robe, for example, just *happen* to come in Gryffindor Red, Hufflepuff Yellow, Ravenclaw Blue and Slytherin Green. Pair any of those with Celeste’s standard Wand and a Frugal Hat to prepare for the Sorting Ceremony.

Peter Pan

There are enough Peter Pan duds in New Horizons to dress a whole village of Lost Boys. The Sprite Costume paired with Moccasins and a Paperboy Cap will have you flying to Neverland. If Tinkerbell is more your speed, pair a Fairy Dress, green Semi-Opaque Tights and Pom-pom Shoes. The Darling children can even come along: have any island guests dress in PJ Outfits and Nightgowns! To top it all off, Guilivarr’s Pirate clothes are pretty much tailor-made for a Captain Hook cosplay (if you can withstand enough of his nautical puns to snag a set).


If you want to wow the other Islanders with magic, show up wearing a Frugal Dress, White Leggings and Clogs. Then, once it’s time for the ball, pull out your wand and—bippity boppity boo!—its blue Princess Dress and Tiara Hair time. Reese’s Wedding Pumps will have to stand in for Cindy’s famous Glass Slippers, at least until midnight.

Alice in Wonderland

This is another case of Animal Crossing: New Horizon including famous characters without infringing any copyrights. The Adventure Dress, paired with a blue Giant Ribbon, Everyday Tights and black Mary Janes seem tailor made for a romp with the White Rabbit.

The Three Musketeers

Have some friends itching to go “one for all and all for one?” Matching Cavalier Shirts and Cavalier Hats, along with Antique boots and Noble Pants will have you in the height of 17th Century French fashion.


Before he was a movie star, before he was an internet meme, Shrek was a book by William Steig. With the game’s expanded skin colors, it's easier than ever to the loveable green guy. Match a brown Frugal Outfit with a Bulb Bopper and yell at everyone to “GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!”

With all these clothing options at your virtual fingertips, there’s no excuse not to waltz into Guest Services in your bookish best. …Now go do your chores!

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