Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National Novel Writing Month - Day 10

Up until the weekend, I'd been on cruise control. It works out to about 10 handwritten pages a day if I want to hit 100,000 words by the end of the month, and as of Friday (day 5) I had 50 pages. By the end of the day Sunday, I had... 52 pages. But I suppose it would be ridiculous to think that I could just bunker down in some cave and pump out 10 pages a day like some sort of machine.

So as a result yesterday and Monday were late nights of writing after the kids fell asleep. I've been aided in this nocturnal quest by Conan's TBS show--it gives me an excuse to stay up past 10. As an added bonus, Conan is actually quite funny. Maybe a little clunky the first night back, but already starting to show glimpses of the sort of quirky and screwball humor that endeared his Late Night show to me.

So maybe, me and Conan, we'll get to these 100,000 words before December comes.

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